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Post Havoc: Aftermath

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Post Havoc: Aftermath (by Easy To Use App)

Like a balloon burst, the world collapsed in the blink of an eye. The economy slumped, and the crisis deepened; law and order had been swept away; the nation once united had fallen into pieces. All these led to an inevitable nuclear exchange, the most tragic disaster in human history.

Post Havoc: Aftermath

Everyone had suffered from the reckless decision made by heads of the splitting government. The world has entered the nuclear winter, followed by radioactive desertification, severe drought, and abrupt climate change that destroyed modern industry.

Post Havoc: Aftermath

The once beautiful blue globe has been turned into a fallout wasteland. Civilization was no more, and the remaining survivors formed small tribes to survive this post-apocalyptic era. The road in the desert is long and full of danger, but you can make it to the end with your strategy and valor!

Post Havoc: Aftermath


Build a Base of your own out of an abandoned camp of the Hacksaw gangsters. Grow stronger and survive the times of havoc.

Find whatever you can to assemble the Raptor Auto. It would provide potent boosts to help you develop your base camp and fight against your enemies.

Train powerful soldiers to defend your property and attack the Hacksaw gangsters for great rewards. Make yourself a real warlord and show your influence!

Assign workers to clear Barriers in your Base. In those scraps, they may find various resources that are essential for you to start building a home. Turning waste into wealth is a practical trick in the wasteland.

Available: Google Play – USA

Post Havoc: Aftermath
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