Princess & Goblin

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Princess & Goblin (by Ahegao Corp.)

Summon the Princesses, Defeat the Goblins!
Goblins are attacking your country?! Defend your Kingdom.
artYou are the Knight, protecting the citizens against goblins

In Princess & Goblin -Idle Miner Waifu Clicker, you will be the Hero who summons different beautiful princesses and powerful demon girls. They will fight the enemies for you!

Princess & Goblin

You will manage your princesses team (waifus) and gain profit by defeating different kinds of monsters. With the profit you make, you will be able to work with more and more princesses with different appearances, weapons and personalities! They are all loyal to you.

Through doing the Gacha, you successfully summon the princesses and collect their cards, in R, SR and SSR, which are saved in the Gallery so that you can watch their different Expressions, look for more background information about them, and listen to their Voices!

Princess & Goblin

With your princess management, you can build a team as large as you want, and you will be able to explore the Goblin World and expand the colony by unlocking the map! Get ready to summon the princess of different rankings and be the most powerful man in this world!

Princess & Goblin

Now go and become the Hero, defend your country and earn massive profit right this moment!

Princess & Goblin

★ Become a Hero. Manage the princesses and defeat the enemies just by tapping to summon and unlock new shafts!
★ Hire and assign a Princess for each new shaft who will manage it for you!
★ Gacha of princesses of different rankings allow you to summon different types of characters you like!
★ Gather the cards of Princess! Know more about them in the Gallery!
★ Get idle coins, when you are either online or offline, all the time.
★ Explore the Goblin World Map, and have more princesses to assist you!
★ Increase your princesses’ motivation by different means to collect more resources!
★ Summon the princesses each with unique skills, and watch how they defeat the enemies!
★ With Prestige features, reset and upgrade your mine!
★ Unlock and discover your mine with more and more mineshaft!

Princess & Goblin -Idle Miner Waifu Clicker is an intriguing blend of a creative clicker game, with incredible artwork in Japanese style!

Princess & Goblin

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