Princess of Sora 2 – EN


Official Launch + APK

💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Blue princess2 (by TownSoftJP)

“Sasuke, Warawa will defeat the Demon King!”
“Princess, again …!?”

Enjoy an exhilarating battle with the princess!
This game was created with the idea that you can enjoy easy battles that match your smartphone to the utmost.
Let’s enjoy refreshingly by using the time in the gap!

Blue princess2

The exhilaration of defeating enemies with cards using the equipment obtained by fighting them is irresistible!
Discover the combination of job x cards that suits each character and enjoy the battle more and more!

Blue princess2

A princess who is bored at the castle.
A princess who begins her journey in search of the Demon King. She (is she really a demon king?)
The magnificent (?) Story of Sasuke and the princess who want the princess to work begins here.

Blue princess2

Please enjoy this battle system once.

You can enjoy it without playing the previous work!

Blue princess2

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