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Princess Tale

Official Launch – Global

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Princess Tale (by Gamepub)

The heroes began to pledge their allegiance to the Demon Queen.
With wonder, they proclaimed:
“She’s prettier than the Goddess who was our comrade in arms 50 years ago!”
Yes. The heroes’ allegiance to the Goddess was because of her beauty.
But now, the Demon Queen, who is more beautiful than her, has arrived.

Character illustrations of cute and beautiful princesses
It’s time for the cuties to take action! Save the world from the Demon Queen’s evil influence with adorable princesses!

No more boring collecting games!
Free 2,700 Gems (10 summons) every day for 7 days since your first day of login!
Completely different level of support for newbies!

Princess Tale

Characters with colorful expressions and full of vitality!
Not only beautiful illustrations, but also SD characters who show various expressions during battle!
Experience the dazzling battle of living and breathing characters!

Princess Tale

Casual idle system that you can control with only one finger
A mandatory game for stressed modern people – Auto-casting Heroes’ special moves,
obtaining rare items even if you’re not logged in. An idle system that makes you automatically stronger.
You can be a powerful fantasy protagonist with just 10 minutes a day.

Princess Tale

Level Sharing system that opens a variety of combinations
The best choice for you who want to train all the characters!
You can train all your characters without too many resources and try diverse combinations with the Level Sharing system!

Princess Tale

Simple but not-so-easy strategic fight
In the battleground where you will fight with a combination of 5 Heroes, you can experience the strategic play that looks simple but presents endless possibilities.
Experience the best strategic play in which you can achieve an electrifying comeback with just a few taps, such as setting formations or combining skills.

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Princess Tale
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