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The description of Ashfall (Project 56) (by Netease Games Global)

📜 Developer Note:

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived – the Closed Beta Test of Ashfall will start in July, and the Pre-Registration for it is NOW OPEN!

Post-apocalyptic world as you have never seen it before:


Giant worms marching in orderly ranks, inaccessible shelters and snow-covered plains inhabited by mutants. – Humanoid creatures engaged in secret trade, talking rabbits and fragments of robots hidden under the desert sands.

A huge cage lost inside the shelter, a killer who wanders the continent and hunts robots, and many cities with oriental flavor.


A never-before-seen world is on the brink of total annihilation. Are you ready to uncover its history and secrets? An exciting journey with constant development:

Fight giants, chase traitors through sand-laden wreckage, and drown entire cities in blood. – Make deals with robots, exterminate mutant crabs in the floating city, and repel rebel sieges.


Collect equipment to your liking, look for new opportunities and use unique tactics to destroy hordes of enemies.

Get to the end of the world, find new civilizations and new types of people.


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