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Dong Wu

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The description of Project D (by Studio D456 Private Limited)

Dong Wu is a challenging RPG about legendary beasts. You will form a 4-person party and fight a battle of succession to claim the throne. In this thousand-year war, your enemy could be the noble or Miasma. Your fate depends on your strategy, luck and courage.

This is one of the four continents and one of the Nine Kingdoms where a web of political conficts go on.
On this land of Dragon, the war to awaken the power of Dragon bloodline is back. Once again, the Land of Azure falls into chaos. Miasma that once shrouded the continent for hundreds of years is coming back, posing another threat besides the fights orchestrated around the throne.
The Nine Kingdoms join into three forces, vying for the throne of the land. Every one is just the epitome of the Beast Era, no matter your nationalities or identies.

Dong Wu
Dong Wu
Dong Wu

RPG with roguelike elements

Travel across the land of Nine Kingdoms where danger and adventures await.

Your journey becomes more danger as you don’t know who your enemies are. It’s up to you whether to accept the challenges. Some of the Dong Wu will company you along the journey. They will bring you fortune, good luck or bad luck.

Dong Wu

Characters will die

You only live once. So as Dong Wu.

As Miasma builds up, you will fade away. Fight or flee? Transcend or corrupt? It’s all on a whim.

Challenging bosses

You’ll fight against 40+ enemies of different mechanism and 20+ challenging bosses. Each enemy has their own mechanism. You will conquer the land once you know your enemies.

Dong Wu

100+ unique items

You can unlock 120+ items in the game. Keep moving. Keep fighting. Each item has their own use. Each item has their own fate. Use them wisely and face the unknown!

Dong Wu

Fragmented narratives

Each Dong Wu has their own history. Their secrets are unveiled throughout your trip.
You’ll experience the chaos of this world in the POV of four main characters, starting with Crown of Fusia.

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Available: Google Play – TW, HK, MO, CA, AU, PH, etc…

Dong Wu

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