Project D

Early access (Technical test) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Project D (by Studio D456 Private Limited)

Project D is a strategy turn-based card game with RPG and Roguelike elements. Assemble your Anim legion and set out on a bold adventure in the torn land of Azure.

Unconventional Roguelike. Defy all odds on an unpredictable journey.
A unique Miasma system together with non-revivable characters. Seek survival through either Transcend or Corrupt.
Mix and match your legendary crew. Explore character bonds. Enriched battle experience.
50+ highly stylized hand-painted game scenes to make sure your journey is accompanied by surprise and delight.
40+ Anim characters with unique skill cards for each. Past mysteries await to be discovered.
30+ Bosses, dozens of monsters, elite twinned enemies. Strategy is the guidance for strength.

Project D
Project D

Project D takes place on one of the four floating continents, where the epic of the ongoing unity and division of the nine kingdoms were told. With the Miasma that once ravaged the troubled land quietly seeping back, a bigger crisis emerges along with the ceaseless power struggle. The nine kingdoms formed a three-way force, competing for the Throne. Anims are forced to seek survival in the cracks of war. The visage of all beings, a glimpse of history – the era of the beasts has begun.

Project D
Project D

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Project D

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