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Mission EVO: Survivor’s Battlegrounds (Project EVO)

Early access – Update 2.0- Beta – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Mission EVO: Survivor’s Battlegrounds (by Laser Edge Studios)

📜 Developer Note:

Get ready for the Beta 2.0 launch in just 2 days! Meet Night Owl, the new helicopter boss in Emberland. It continuously roams around the wild, waiting for survivors to cross its path. Engage in the new epic battles in Beta 2.0 and test your skills against this formidable enemy!

Downloading Beta at now!

Mission EVO: Survivor’s Battlegrounds (Project EVO)

Project EVO is the first mobile survival game developed with Unreal Engine 5. In this open world known as Emberland, the only aim is to survive… till the very end. Danger lurks around every corner, everything wants you dead. You have to survive through the cruelest of competition – not only against all kinds of mutant creatures, but against hundreds of other desperate players. Keep in mind, by hook or by crook, everything goes! But being alive is always the aim of the game. The light of Ember is guiding your way. Embark on this fantastic journey, NOW!


Explore a massive open world, meet serendipities
Traverse the desert, forest, snowfields, mountains and ghost towns, you will unveil this breathtaking immersive post-apocalyptic world, accompanied by it’s incredible real-time weather system. Encountering adversaries with profound cruciality, or fearsome creatures that rip you to shreds, you can be sure you’ll always find unexpected new experiences during each adventure! Enjoy your exploration of this expansive world!

Survive against the hostile wilderness, gain resources
Surviving here is a never-ending challenge. To stay healthy, you have to keep a close eye on your body indicators, while gaining resources by farming, crafting, cooking, and even killing. It’s vital you empower yourself to ensure you overpower all potential enemies. There’s no room for mercy here since everything wants you to die! Be prepared to sneak into or raid other survivor’s shelters. Grab valuable resources, then destroy everything they’ve built to prevent them exacting revenge.

Project EVO

Build shelter freely, design it strategically
Life’s hard out here, survivors always need somewhere to call home. You can build your shelter from scratch anywhere, and design every detail as you like. But meanwhile, the base design needs to be highly strategic. You have to consider all the elements in advance, including location, consumption costs, robustness, expansion, construction, and setting safety, to avoid having your shelter raided by other merciless survivors. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to start over unexpectedly at any given time.

Project EVO

Team up wisely, beware of backstabbers
Hundreds of players gather in this large-scale online world. To be the last one standing, it is always recommended to team up with other survivors. However, just like in every survival story, you never truly know if the “”friends”” you encounter here will be sincere comrades or are just waiting to prey on you. Be cautious about sharing absolute access to your base, some of them may just betray you when time is right! Beware of backstabbers, it is key to surviving till the end!

Project EVO

Compete fairly with other players, win by skill
Tired of those terrible “”Pay To Win”” mobile survival games? It’s time for a true display of skill! We are dedicated to not adding any unfair purchasable advantages in Project EVO, to provide you with the most original survival experience. In-game skill and effort are the only factors that matter! Win with your skill, not your wallet! Now, keep your Embers flaming, and SURVIVE.

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