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Dream Defenders (Project Exodus)

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Project Exodus (by FingerFun Limited.)

Project Exodus is an innovative cyberpunk tower defense game. This game will not occupy you too much time, but if you can immerse yourself in the story, you will better feel the temperature of this lost world, and you will find that it is different from what you see elsewhere and has its own character.
In the game, players will embark on a cyberpunk journey, deploying various heroes and spells to defend their city against invasion, and at the end of the story, when you find out the truth, maybe the world is not what you think… …

– Brain-burning strategy with unlimited matching
Stealth, blood recovery, acceleration… Monsters have stunts and are ever-changing~
Hundreds of different terrains, with equipment to activate heroes with different effects.
Arrange your defenses, match your strategies reasonably, and let them come and go~
There is also a new Nightmare Mode, which doubles the difficulty and upgrades the challenge.

Project Exodus

-Fair competition, reverse comeback
A variety of PVP gameplay, arena, pinnacle arena, battle of the gods, temple war… there is always one suitable for you.
Challenge anytime you want to fight, fast-paced combat brings a more ups and downs heartbeat experience, the Jedi comeback is far easier than imagined!

Project Exodus

– Heroes come again, national chaos
Break the initial limit, regardless of the hero, can radiate more power
Everyone can dominate the battlefield, the one you like is the strongest!
There are also legendary heroes and massive diamond customs clearance for free

Project Exodus

-Idle adventure, upgrade without liver
Brushing is good, but it is not necessary, resources are automatically accumulated, so that every second of the adventure is full and meaningful.
Free your hands, free your time! Play anytime, anywhere, and never be afraid of falling behind.

Project Exodus
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