Project Hive – NFT

Soft Launch – Beta – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam

The description of Project Hive (by Project Hive Ltd)

Fight, collect and connect with other players in the neon-drenched streets of Project Hive – a cyberpunk multiplayer card battle game, featuring turn-based RPG elements and deck building mechanics. Backed by an experienced team and strong design, Project Hive is bringing AAA-quality to mobile deckbuilding games.

Enter the world of a not-so distant future, a reality where people transfer their minds into fully virtual environments. In this world, a new game, “Project Hive”, is the most popular form of entertainment – but what secrets does the Hive hold? Discover for yourself!

Battle other players in live PVP combat. Grow your Rank – and every Season you will receive amazing rewards, unlock new content and just enjoy the tactical gameplay itself.


FREE-TO-PLAY GAME, PREMIUM QUALITY -No unnecessary conditions or obligations – collect Protocols, build your deck and defeat opponents in battles with no compromise!

Project Hive - NFT

BOUNDLESS COMBAT SYSTEM – Build and customize decks of Protocols, the game’s abilities – and build powerful skill combinations for unmatched strategic potential!

A ROSTER OF STANDOUT CLASSES – Play as one of 4 starting Classes by using different Equipment – and build unique decks out of Protocols, the game’s abilities. Unlock more classes, new cosmetic items, Protocols, arenas and more as the Hive Universe evolves and expands!

Project Hive - NFT

BREATH-TAKING GRAPHICS – Built on Unreal Engine 5, the virtual world of Project Hive comes alive with detailed environments, high-quality character models and motion-captured animations!

MASTERY OVER LUCK – You can crush an enemy with brute force – or outsmart him with your cunning tactics.The deckbuilding, round-based core of Project Hive, opens up a whole world of tactical opportunities, no matter which CyberConstruct you choose!

Project Hive - NFT

MORE THAN ONE WAY TO BATTLE – Practice, challenge your friends, or climb to the top of the ladder in Ranked Match mode!

FUN TO PLAY, EASY TO WIN – With two different rows at your disposal, play your deck wisely. To win a round, you have to score more points than your opponent. And to win, you have to win two rounds out of three. No one said it would be easy!

Project Hive - NFT

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST – At the start of the match, you have ten protocols in your hand – play them as you see fit! Start the round with the strongest squad or leave the best cards for later? The choice is yours! What deck will you assemble – and what strategy will you use?

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