Project: Muse-Rhythm Star

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Project: Muse-Rhythm Star (by Haotuigame)

Muse Plan is the independent electronic music mobile game with real-time pronunciation of keys. Professional music producers are dedicated to creating it for you! After years of polishing, super-sensitive key feedback, dazzling visual feeling, and sound effect of sound are enjoyed by three senses at the same time. This pleasant experience combined with rhythmic rhythm will bring you new fun! What are you waiting for? Invite friends who love music to move together!

Fingertip touch pronunciation

Here is no longer the simple touch according to the rhythm of traditional music games, but every note is activated by your own hands in real time. When you press your finger, you will immediately give back the wonderful sound effect! The original music full of motion and jumping makes you feel the real time performance brought by your fingertips!

Project: Muse-Rhythm Star

Rich and characteristic tracks

Electric sound can touch people’s hearts. When it rings, you will put down your worries and not be lonely! There are 40 characters with different personalities, and nearly 200 songs with different styles are still being updated. There are different difficulties waiting for you to challenge.

Project: Muse-Rhythm Star

Plot combination space

Muse’s Strange Stories innovatively combines the tracks with the plot, classifies different styles of music, synthesizes the music collection with theme background, and completes the collection of all songs, so you can unlock the background story and have a sense of substitution. In your spare time, you are still

Project: Muse-Rhythm Star

Reject monotonous skin

Your stage background can be matched as you like, and you can choose your favorite skin, which is no longer the same. When you play music, cool skin gives you a more exciting visual experience!

Project: Muse-Rhythm Star

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