Project W

Early access – Alpha Test

💡 Platform – Android

Test time: 2022/8/4 – 2022/8/11

The description of Project W (by xiaojiao zhang)

Project W is a TURN-BASED ROLE-PLAYING GAME in which you lead a group of heroes and open a MAGNIFICENT adventure journey. In this world where the gods of light and darkness coexist, heroes from different classes get together and explore the epic ancient power. Players will control heroes to defeat the ancient demons in the magic world. With the deepening of quest, you will gradually uncover the history and secrets of the world.

Incredible Unreal Engine 4 Game
Project W is a dark fantasy strategic-adventure game using Unreal Engine 4. Excellent graphics and smooth combat allow players to explore the mystical world in freedom. The game has a very real light and shadow effect, and players can clearly feel the changes in the game scene and atmosphere. Project W is still in the early stages of development and will continue to treat superior quality as one of its core design principles.

Project W

Magnificent Adventure Journey
Players will discover every corner of the world and experience magnificent adventures. In the journey of exploring the world, players will follow the heroes through dense forests, snowy continents, desert ruins etc. Each scene will have different landscapes and design. During the journey, various NPCs will have dialogues and plots with players, these legendary experiences and memories are the best rewards for players.

Project W

Brand-new Fierce Combat
In Project W, players will flexibly operate different heroes to combat. During the combat process, players need strategy, tactics, and skill to prevail. It is not only necessary to control the time when heroes release skills, but to accurately grasp the scope of skill. Every hero has a variety of skills, and the flexible use of these skills is the key to victory. Heroes are divided into different races, and there are collocations and against relation between races. Players need to combine different types of heroes to greatly improve their strength.

Project W

Fighting Ancient Demons
Beware! Danger hides in the dark dungeon. Battle against ancient demons with your hero combinations and pay attention to avoiding deadly attacks from demons. Clash with armies of demons, collect rare items and gain unimaginable power.

AAA Level Characters
Each hero has his own unique background and experience, which is worth exploring by players. Players can control multiple characters to fight. Different characters have completely different functions and strategic value. Thus, the reasonable combination can bring great fun to the game. The skills and attributes of each role have been carefully polished. High quality characters bring players an immersive game experience.

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Available: Google Play – Indonesia

Project W

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