Puppet Master: The Defenders

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Puppet Master: The Defenders (by TTHOA GAMES)

This is the edge of hell, the border between life and death, without a trace of life ……
Livings exist in the form of souls after death, they are either absorbed by the Puppet Master and merged with the puppet to become a super-powered puppet to fight against the devil, or devoured by the devil and henceforth extinguished from the world without a trace ……
You, the Puppet Master, will collect souls and infuse them into the puppets, awakening their skills and strengthening their power to fight against the demons!

The western art style of cartoon and 2D magic hand-drawn style focuses on the theme of “puppet”. The puppet design is “mask + unique symbols”. At the same time, the “Western cartoon” style is used to show the difference in the appearance of different puppets, creating a mysterious sense.


Diversified Maps
26 different map routes are available, and new maps and new bosses will be unlocked as players advance through the levels.

Puppet Master: The Defenders

Strategic Challenge
Different maps and different puppet locations in battle require your mastery of all the puppet skills as well as the overall battlefield layout, strategy is the key!

Puppet Master: The Defenders

Random Luck
Maps are randomly refreshed, and also the battle summoning and merging, which makes the battle full of uncertainty.

Puppet Master: The Defenders

PVP Mode
In the real-time PVP battle, both players face the same enemy at the same time, and the one who can fight till the end wins! As a Puppet Master, you need to choose 5 puppets to form your unique lineup to defend against the evil attack.

Puppet Master: The Defenders

Co-op Mode
Match online or team up with your friends to defend against the devil. The more you defend, the more soul stones you will get to unlock the unknown world.

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/Puppet-Master-The-Defenders-100200136232187

Puppet Master: The Defenders

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