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💡 Platform – Android

The description of PurrChess (by Appguru Technology Pte Ltd)

PurrChess is the first 3D mobile cat-themed chess with customized boards. These dangerously adorable felines are on a mission to capture kings and hearts. Command cats and try out different openings or defenses against opponents from all around the world.

– Variety of cat breeds and skins!
Choose from several different cat breeds and some decked in fancy costumes to checkmate in style with flair.

– Aesthetically crafted chess boards!
Bring the cats out to play on aesthetically crafted chess boards at PurrChess. On top of five basic colors, players can elevate their playing experience with bespoke board designs to set the mood.


– Challenge your furrends to play chess!
Invite furrends to play chess against one another at PurrChess. Players who are up for a challenge can look for opponents of different elo ratings on PurrChess’s discord server.


– Join the PurrChess Community!
Join the community in sharing tips, gambits, puzzles, and even memes. With a little bit of luck and catnip, players may sniff out PurrChess’s International Master, lurking around the corner.


– OBT exclusive skin!
For a limited time, players who bind their accounts with Facebook or Email will receive an OBT exclusive skin.

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