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Puzzle Colony – Official iOS

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Puzzle Colony (by Fun Flavor Games)

Times are hard for the Queen. A war with the treacherous Count de Grimme seems inevitable, while the armies of the undead plunder the kingdom. A fight on both fronts seems impossible, and the crown is looking for heroes to fight the undead. Are you strong enough to face this danger?

Puzzle Colony

Together with your two best friends, Anna and Bert, you charter a small boat and set sail. The prospect of wealth and fame leads you to the shores of the royal islands. If you had known that the undead were so terrifying, you might have stayed at home…

Puzzle Colony

Enlarge your crew, recruit powerful allies, and liberate the villages and settlements. Get powerful weapons and artifacts from pirate treasures and become the most powerful buccaneer of the kingdom. Only if you earn the Queen’s goodwill, a glorious future awaits you.

Puzzle Colony


⦁ a thrilling story of treachery, nobles and pirates
⦁ more than 100 strategic missions
⦁ more than 20 individual officers with unique skills
⦁ expand conquered cities at your will
⦁ develop resources and upgrade your buildings
⦁ enjoy varied match 3 without frustration
⦁ choose your own difficulty level

Puzzle Colony
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