Puzzle Island

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The description of Puzzle Island

Welcome to The Island – the heart of a lost civilization young Emily discovers while following the trail of her missing brother. A place where perilous adventures are always around the corner. A place where you will have no time to be bored!

Puzzle Island
Puzzle Island
Puzzle Island
Puzzle Island

Help Emily establish a settlement, explore the lands, solve all the puzzles, and uncover countless secrets of the Island!

You’re up for:
Gorgeous graphics and sounds;
Breathtaking storyline;
Multiple mini-games inside.

And also:
Huge seashore to set up a farm;
Tricky puzzles and quests to challenge yourself;
Cozy buildings to build and upgrade;
Secret locations to discover;
Ancient maps to explore and artifacts to collect;
Hidden treasures to grab;
Unique items to craft and trade;
Cute pets to tame and new friends to meet;
Beautiful flora and fauna to enjoy.

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