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Puzzle & Rogue

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Puzzle & Rogue (by Owl Games Inc.)

Match 3 puzzle RPG
Match 3 puzzles are easy to learn but hard to master! Willl you be able to carve your way through the foes we have prepared for you?

Roguelike system (procedural map generation, randomized items and events)
We took the best aspects of the roguelike genre and blended it into the game for maximum replayability.


More than 100 heroes and more than 150 monsters
Countless heroes are raring to join the fray and many more monsters are eager to meet them in kind.

RPG system (level-up, promotion, crafting)
Train your favorite heroes and use their unique and powerful skills to purge your foes.


Various hero classes
Heroes have their own special classes that come with unique strengths and weaknesses. Create your party according to your own strategy.

Rich in single-player and multiplayer content

We already have countless hours of singleplayer content prepared and we have plans to add more. For those who want a more tense experience we have prepared numerous hardocre and multiplayer options which include guilds, special dungeons, casual and ranked pvp, seasonal stages and much more.


Special block combination system (9 distinct types)
Do not despair! Special blocks are here! There are various ways to create these powerful blocks. Use them at the right place and the right moment and victory will be yours

Crafting system (hero gear crafting with looted material)
Slay your enemies and craft powerful weapons and armor using unique crafting materials.


Strategic depth (skill customization system and party formation system)
Strategic deployment is key to make the most of the valuable heroes. Not to mention, their unique skills will be a game changer.

Available: Google Play – KR

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