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Puzzle RPG-X

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Puzzle RPG-X (by Whoot Games)

Take care of your horoscope planet!
Each of the 12 Horoscopes’ native planets is being invaded by the demonic Elementals. Cconstellation Atlantis, the home world of Aquarius, is currently under danger, and ard RPG we need your assistance to ensure its survival! Everybody needs “you,” the chosen one, to bring together all the Heroes of the 12 Horoscopes and release us from the clutches of the perilous Elementals when the fate of the universe is in jeopardy! Constellation Our zodiac runner puzzle game is themed to zodiac signs.

Do you like to play adventure zodiac puzzle running games? If yes then this is the best zodiac puzzle combat adventure puzzle game.

Puzzle RPG-X

Blast cubes and battle with the enemy
This is a special strategy match 3 horoscope runner game. It will give you a total new experience of blasting cubes and battle with the enemy. The cube blasting strategy and running strategy, while fighting with the enemy, is a brand-new combat strategy. This feature will keep you busy and hook you with the puzzle for long hours.

Brand new levels
Brand-new levels are coming time to time. This feature of the horoscope puzzle runner block match game brings the best gaming experience to all the global gamers. We are working with high-tech developers and designers to provide you the world’s best puzzle runner gaming experience.

Puzzle RPG-X

Zodiac heroes
The game is a cooperative, tactical puzzle in which all the zodiac players have to fight against enemies to save the planet. Players control the zodiac hero characters and work together to defeat each enemy over a narrative-driven campaign. The game features fast-paced combat strategy on tactical strategy and digital action blocks. Each Zodiac hero is set in a completely different environment and poses a variety of tactical skills.

Casual and fun chase
The zodiac runners puzzle RPG game provides the most challenging, thrilled and fun way to chase the enemies. It’s easy to learn and best fun time activity for the legendary game of heroes.

Puzzle RPG-X

Explore and discover
Exploration charms are always attractive to humans. The basic joy and adventure we catch from discovery makes exploration an adventurous and fun-loving element. Our game is full of exploration elements. Explore and discover new skills to save the planet. These are the key element for puzzle RPG combat strategy gamers.

Available: Google Play – US, CA

Puzzle RPG-X

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