Puzzles & Girls

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Puzzles & Girls (by Camel Games Limited)

Captains, space invaders detected on radar, please prepare for battle! Join the mission to explore space, maintain human resources is our mission, super cute ship waiting for you to go to space

Game Features:

– Perfect combination of Puzzle & Girls, various strategies to upgrade the ship’s outfit and enhance the combat effectiveness of the ship, defeat the powerful enemy in the universe with the super combo attack of the powerful captain and the superb skills of the super cute ship.

Puzzles & Girls

– United Frigate team, hundreds of super frigate with you, super cute sweet full score;

– Perfect special effects and sound effects, excellent game experience, automatic system to increase the convenience, even when leaving the phone does not stop the battle, let you improve character development at any time;

Puzzles & Girls

– Famous voice actors, such as Kanai Hanazawa, Katana Takeda, Kazumi Tokuai, etc.;

– Fierce competitive combat, conquer the training arena, combat special effects skills to make you the game overlord

Puzzles & Girls

– Super rich activities to play non-stop, providing more interesting and exciting activities

This mission will determine the fate of the army, with super Cute this year to protect the army and humanity before the end of the universe!

Available: Google Play – CA, US, UK, TW, etc…

Puzzles & Girls

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