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R2M: Rekindling the war (R2 Online)

Official Launch(TW, HK) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS


The description of R2M : 重燃戰火 (by Webzen Inc.)

Perfectly inherit the essence of R2 Online
Unbridled battles that can only be experienced in R2 Online
14 years of history, a classic RPG recognized by 730,000 warriors
R2M: Rekindling the fire of war will rekindle the hearty battle of the past!

R2M : 重燃戰火

Melee attack class based on strong strength and stamina
Stand in front of the front on any battlefield, block opponents’ attacks and protect your comrades!

Agility-focused ranged attack class
With its fast attack speed and wide attack range, it is a silent death god to the enemy. Enjoy smooth hunting!

A universal occupation with all abilities balanced
Use calm judgment to assist in battle, and use powerful magic to become a solid backup!

A melee class that combines strength and agility,
Hide in the dark and take advantage of stealth and dodging assassins!

R2M : 重燃戰火
R2M : 重燃戰火
R2M : 重燃戰火

Exchange system
The equipment and props obtained in the game can be freely traded with other players through the exchange!

Transformation/Pet/Essence Synthesis Points
Accumulate a certain number of synthesis points to get the chance to challenge higher levels! Even if the challenge fails, accumulate synthesis points to get game items of the level you want to challenge!

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R2M : 重燃戰火
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