RADDX: Multiplayer Meta-Racing

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of RADDX (by ChennaiGames)

RADDX – Racing Metaverse game is a futuristic Multiplayer Racing game with stunning locations, attractive EV cars, chasing cops, power-ups, Mystery Box, rewards for Premium Tournaments & much more!

So enjoy playing RADDX & have wonderful Racing Metaverse journey!

• Multiplayer – Compete against your rivals Real-Time Multiplayer racing game.
• Gameplay – Wreck the props and Drift through the tracks without crashing.
• Power-Ups – Utilize various futuristic Power-Ups(Turbo boosters, Ramps, Teleport, Mystery box and etc,.)
• Leagues – Stack up your victories and climb the Rank to become a Legend on the race track.
• Leaderboard – TOP the leaderboard by playing against global players.
• Garage – Unlock 16+ cars, choose a best one for your play-style, customize your nameplate and share the best angle of cars to your friends.
• Level-Up – Reach higher levels of your car and unlock stunning VFX (Visual effects) on car.
• Upgrades – Tune-Up your car’s Body, Tyre durability, Luck factor (chance of getting rare Power-Ups) & AI learning ability.
• Sharing is caring – Refer to your friends and earn In-Game currency.
• Lucky draw – Use spin wheel everyday to earn In-Game rewards.
• Missions – Complete engaging challenges daily and earn insane rewards.
• Realistic Engine sound – Toggle between EV and Combustion sounds
• 3D sound effects – Experience the 3D surround sound effects.
• Mr. 360 – View 360 degree view of your car in Gameplay.
• Camera angles – Change camera angles of the car in Gameplay.

RADDX: Multiplayer Meta-Racing

More about the game:
• Race online with global players and leave them stunned with your victory.
• Collect Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary customized unique Non-Tradable EV Cars.
• Immerse yourself in our 3D realistic world with cutting-edge graphics.
• There are multiple strategic Game Modes allowing players to earn rewards.
• Train yourself against AI bots in Casual arena of Race Tracks (Training mode).
• Become the best street racer by playing among the traffic and evade the police chase.
• It’ll be an epic Real-Time Multiplayer race (with insane power-ups) to show-off your TOP-Notch driving skills.
• If you want to earn while being idle then unlock the Autonomous car driving simulation ability by playing competitive mode.

RADDX: Multiplayer Meta-Racing

AI learning (Autonomous car):
• Play a lot of races to enable Autonomous driving mode which learns your racing pattern and mimics your play-style and act as your shadow.
• Upgrade AI learning ability to make the car learn faster from you.

RADDX: Multiplayer Meta-Racing

Locations / Maps / Tracks:
• Race and Drift your way through different locations on multiple tracks with the various Ambience.
• There are currently 7 race tracks, with two different lighting conditions;
• Meta-Downtown
• Bayside
• Construction
• Park Street
• Motel Drive-thru
• Meta-Depot
• Canyon Tunnel

RADDX: Multiplayer Meta-Racing

RADDX – Game Modes
• Training mode
• Competitive mode
• Tournament mode

Ways to Earn in RADDX
• The game’s reward system allows you to earn RADDX Coins (RC) & RADDX Points (RP).
• RADDX Coins (RC) can be earned in many ways including winning racing in Competitive mode, participating in Tournaments, completing Daily Missions, Spin Wheel, In-game drops etc.,
• RADDX Points (RP) can be earned as the reward of upgrading your car.

Official website https://chennaigames.com/index.html

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/thechennaigames


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