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Rage of Giants

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rage of Giants (by DVGgames)

Rage of Giants will give you a chance to play a part of a sky pirate. By the wave of your finger only, a great number of the units will gladly join in the battle, taking valuable resources and filling your treasury.
Are you ready to accept the challenge and become the strongest among the greatest?
Download Rage of Giants to your device right now!

Wild pranksters in funny hats, but a bellipotent army in capable hands.

Surf the skies for an easy mark.
Crash the sky stronghold
Gather strength, upgrade the units after visiting neighboring islands, and
defeat a formidable enemy.
Summon them into your ranks, get them aboard your sky frigate, and
unleash uncontainable fun and looting

A small island, a flying boat and a pirate squad – a worthy start for a brave captain who dreams of leading armies and squadrons into battle. Dozens of rivals and tactical challenges stand in the way of greatness. Will you win?

Rage of Giants

Take part in the race for dominance. The firmest walls will fall, the troops will spook, and the resources will get aboard your frigate themselves when the giant comes to blows. A huge creature, the embodiment of the ancient element and magic, will let you win even in the hardest situation.

Dozens of units of various fractions, united in squads, are fighting simultaneously. Shouts, shots, and flashes of spells, all these things will give you lots of positive emotions.

Rage of Giants

Pleasant minimalistic graphics and bright animations will give you many vivid emotions and save battery power, and the music will allow you to plunge into the battles with your head.
In the boundless celestial ocean, many successful captains and pirates are hoarding their wealth. Set off on searching of big loot. Unbrick all the enemy’s buildings. Use the logs to build on your own island.

Rage of Giants
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