Ragnarok M: TRINITY (EN)


Early access(CBT)+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Ragnarok M: TRINITY

A place full of nostalgic memories
We invite you to the Midgard continent, where imagination becomes reality.
With cute 3D characters and weather system, more realistic play is possible.
Extensive adventure content that piques the curiosity of adventurers!
An event that makes you cry out loud! All preparations are now over ~
It’s time to start the real adventure with Ragnarok M.

Ragnarok M: TRINITY (EN)

Record your adventures anytime, anywhere
Exciting adventures unfold on a vast continent!
An adventure notebook containing all the landscapes, experiences, and even small episodes that you encounter!
Take pictures of your adventures with colleagues and share them on social media.
Save beautiful photogenic moments forever ~

Ragnarok M: TRINITY (EN)

Complete your own style with a suit
Same gear, same characters, goodbye!
Show off your unique style with a variety of costumes.
Your fashion sense that you want to steal! Express your insane presence ~
You can experience it right now at Ragnarok M.

Ragnarok M: TRINITY (EN)

My companion on the way of adventure
Exciting adventure journey. Don’t panic when facing a strong opponent.
There are cute mercenaries Coupet and Cat!
The closer you are to Kupet, the stronger and nicer you will be!
Cute mercenary cats will be a great helper!

Ragnarok M: TRINITY (EN)

Nice community
Time to get acquainted with the special Ragnarok guild system!
Get the guild buff from the guild hideout and activate ↑
Attacking dungeons with other adventurers is the foundation
Adventure, friendship and reward, three rabbits at once ~
A variety of high-quality emoticons will add joy to communication.
As the adventure continues, you can express more and more emotions.

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community

Ragnarok M: TRINITY (EN)
Ragnarok M: TRINITY (EN)Ragnarok M: TRINITY (EN)

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