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Ragnarok Origin (Kr)

Early Access(Beta)+Apk

You can pre-download the game right now. The game will be launched on July 7, 2020.

The description of Ragnarok Origin

Exciting battle action
-Enhance the hitting motion of hundreds of weapons!
-Improved hitting feeling beyond the original hitting feeling!
-Sensitive operation feeling without problem with quick response action

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Mercenary system for Solpple
-Be my friend! Find Origin’s unique mercenaries!
-Hire mercenaries from various professions and enjoy hunting as much as a party!

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Origin’s unique feminine content
-All selfies, selfies, facial expressions, stickers, etc. are incorporated into the game!
-Become the best fashionista and become the main cover model of the magazine!
-Decorate your own personalized avatar in the costume fitting room!

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Quality Game Art
-Improved, game art beyond the original quality!
-High quality graphics beyond the original sensibility!
-The best succession that evolved like the most Ragnarok!

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Happy Community
-Ragnarok is just the fun of the community.
-Various community life where you can meet special relationships!
-Special community content to build friendships with guild members!

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Massive degrees of freedom
-High freedom and various free viewpoints of 2.5D/3D!
-Free midgard continent adventure with life content!
-Various weather changes that change with reality!

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community.
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