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Ragnarok Origin (Eng Demo)

Early Access(CBT)+Apk(Tap) – Demo Version

💡Platform – Android | ios(Test)

The description of Ragnarok Origin (by Gravity Interactive, Inc.)

Players can experience different activities in this game such as fishing, farming and mining in the authentic world of Rag Origin.

Maximizes your customization

Возможно, это изображение (текст «JDKGame Lv.46 Lv. SGa Start Game»)

Fully customizable and various field events!

Возможно, это изображение (текст «Best 02:46UTC+-5 Ch. BASE Quest Shop Content RO Adv. Open Sage's memory at [Story] Track the White Offer 15:14 Prontera Diary Skills Events Ûng Heart 0/1 for information about the heart Ymir Barmund's memory. Watch Daily Quest Event [Adventure] Subdue the underground waterway Bag Auto Atk Andrew Thefaithful article Polite manners [Merc] Ranger James Honoraryartice article Edmond Pious Knight JDKGame Windsor Martia Artist Gray The Humble Knight BASE 3D Notificat Welcome to Ragnarok Origin~ JOB»)

Enjoy new daily content and freely go on an adventure through the world!

Возможно, это изображение (текст «23 Itis my duty to prote ct Prontera! CDAE + AR FREE»)

Experience the world with a variety of new weather effects!

Download – http://ROM.Land

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