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Ragnarok Tactics II

Early access – CBT (TH)

💡 Platform – Android | iOS – TestFlight

The description of Ragnarok Tactics II (by Gravity Game Tech)

Game from IP: Ragnarok in Strategy RPG format, players will organize teams.
Fighting characters combine with unique strategies in their own style. There is also a development system
The main character has 13 classes, uses a system of 6 types of elements. There are also different modes.
to prove the challenge in you For example Challenge, PvP Ranking,
Challenge the Geffen Tower, , explore tons of portals.

Start a new adventure….

Highlights of the game

Battle System
Enjoy endless battles and strategy.
6 types of elemental systems and skill combos that will help enhance skill effects to be stronger.

Job-Class System
Choose your class and career as you like. that will make you feel involved in a more advanced battle

Head Wear System
Head Wear, a unique RO wearable weapon that can be customized to suit your style.

Ragnarok Tactics II

Geffen Tower System
Adventure with friends to fight monsters. to win many items

Dimensional Gate Dungeon System
A system like no other where you will be challenged with various tests diverse and exciting

Ragnarok Tactics II

Guild Prison System
Have fun pairing up with guild members to fight monsters tethered in prison.

Guild System
Enjoy fun activities together in the guild, whether it is skill boss, guild war and guild prison, and increase strength together.

Ragnarok Tactics II

Arena system
Team up with dozens of players to become the leader of the Ragnarok world.

Territory War System
Scramble for oneness with the city war system.

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Available: Google Play – TH / App Store – TestFlight

Ragnarok Tactics II
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