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The evil demon Belfanor and his wicked forces have invaded the peaceful kingdom of Eldentir, bringing destruction and disaster to the lands. The call for help goes out, and three courageous heroes step up.

Raid Leader

The valorous Knight, whose bravery is matched by his sure-footedness. The deadly Hunter, whose arrows can pierce the strongest of hides. The virtuous Priest, whose healing abilities are second to none.

Together, they can repel the terrifying monsters that make up Belfanor’s army, but they need a strong and wise leader. They need… you!

Raid Leader

Take your team into fierce battles against an assortment of beasts and vile creations. Tell the heroes where to move, what to attack, and when to use their special skills.

Between battles, use the gold you’ve earned to unlock new skills and upgrade your heroes to prepare them for the next raid. Each hero can only bring two skills at a time into combat, and it’s up to you to decide which ones are needed. Need some more resources? Take on extra challenges to earn a pile of gold! Employ all of your strategic skills, keep a cool head, and lead the forces of good to victory once and for all!

Raid Leader

Heroic Characters: Command a team of heroes! The Knight, the Hunter, and the Priest are waiting for your expert orders.

Raid Tactics: If you want to win, you’ll have to consider every angle. From the positioning of your heroes to the timing of special skills, you’ll take care of it all!

Tons of Skills: More than 30 special skills can be unlocked and upgraded! Which ones will you choose?

Chaotic Creatures: Face off against deadly demons in 15 unique encounters. Each boss has an assortment of nasty tricks you’ll have to counter!

Intuitive Controls: Giving commands is as easy as swiping and tapping. Targeting monsters and unleashing awesome skills is simple, leaving you free to focus on strategy!

Raid Leader
Raid Leader - GameClubRaid Leader - GameClub

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