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Raid Royal 2: TD Battles – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Raid Royal 2: TD Battles (by GCenter)

The Empire’s peace is being challenged as the honorable King ages by wicked forces working with monsters.

As a member of the royal knights, you will command the defense campaign to halt the enemy’s advance by building towers and working alongside the heroes to protect the kingdom.

Raid Royal 2: TD Battles

Raid Royal 2: TD Battles is the sequel to Raid Royal: Tower Defense. Following the battle to protect the kingdom in Raid Royal: Tower Defense, in this sequel, the true Knights must face the evil people of the kingdom in addition to fighting monsters. They seek to establish a dark, slave-based empire using monster power. To successfully defend the kingdom, you must plan your defense meticulously, employing tactics appropriate for different waves of enemy attacks. You must decide which type of tower to build at each location on the battlefield.

Raid Royal 2: TD Battles

Each tower type has unique defensive properties and effectiveness in defending the kingdom.
You should also upgrade your battle turrets. However, it should be noted that the enemy will always transform stronger to attack your fortress. The key to winning is to use the right turrets for the terrain in order to improve the power and reach of your attack. The challenge in tower defense TD games is extremely high, which is also an appealing feature of the defensive game genre.

The legend of the strongest knight in the kingdom had officially begun.

Raid Royal 2: TD Battles


• Cunning and aggressive enemies with a variety of attack types and methods.
• Many tough, engaging, and dramatic boss battles.
• Battles on all terrains are a real challenge for tower defense game players.
• More turrets will improve the defenses’ overall capability and strategic layout
• Uniquely skilled knights are ideal for dealing with various enemy attacks.

Raid Royal 2: TD Battles


• Build towers to defend the kingdom.
• Gather heroes to fortify your defenses.
• Upgrade tower and heroes to improve combat performance.
• Allocate appropriate towers and heroes for each terrain.
• Destroy enemies, collect resources, and improve your strength.

Raid Royal 2: TD Battles

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