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Raising A Magical Girl (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Raising A Magical Girl (마법소녀 키우기) by Mind Blossom

To find Darkin, who stole the seeds of the world tree and ran away.
A girl jumps into Darkin’s world!
Indeed, this girl will recover the seeds of the world tree
Can we rebuild the devastated Plotia?

Idle-type breeding game that you can enjoy comfortably without any stress!
New user support! We will give you a big reward with a 7-day start attendance check!

Stop melee attacks! Let’s subdue the enemy with long-range magic!
Use a variety of automatically used magic to sweep your enemies!
Various benefits are bonus!

마법소녀 키우기

Brilliant skill effects with neat dot graphics!
Take a look at the growth of a magical girl whose eyes are really fun!

마법소녀 키우기

Worried about what to invest in? No more!
You can grow and become stronger with just the push of a button.
Don’t worry any more about what to invest in! Now is the era of one-touch growth!

마법소녀 키우기

Enter the warped dimension and farm rare items!
Collect earrings that drop with brilliant light and unleash powerful unique effects.

마법소녀 키우기

Compete against other users for scores in the World Boss!
Depending on who’s stronger and who’s better at attacking, you’ll get more points and rewards every day!

마법소녀 키우기
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