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Raising a Moon Rabbit (KR)

Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of 달토끼 키우기 (by AbleGames)

Let’s grow sweet!
Defeat the darkness with dozens of colorful magics!
Go on an adventure to regain the moonlight with Rin, the moon rabbit!

I couldn’t even imagine growing up! Various skills and feeling of hitting!
Let’s wipe out dozens of monsters with dozens of skills!
Feel the thrill of hitting with a sweetly grown character! Bang Bang explosion!

달토끼 키우기

Dozens of weapons and a powerful growth system!
Collect various magical mortar capo of the moon rabbit!
You can get the best weapon just by playing! Every time you grow, powerful damage explodes!

달토끼 키우기

Let’s grow it sweetly! Characters that change as they grow!
Constantly pouring sweet rewards and evolving characters!
beautiful visual!! Gorgeous skill!! Cute character!!
Get bountiful rewards and let’s grow! In an instant, the character bursts out!

달토끼 키우기

A boss battle of an overwhelming scale!
Defeat the boss with my overwhelming control!
avoid! hit! knock it down! Defeat the boss! Is this really easy?

달토끼 키우기

The story of Rin, the guardian moon rabbit against the darkness
The story of the guardian moon rabbit, Rin, who lost the moonlight due to darkness!
The story progresses as you break the chapters and powerful bosses. Save the moon with Rin!

달토끼 키우기
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