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Rakshasa Street: Wargod (CN)

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💡Platform – IOS(CN)

💡Platform – Android(Tap)

The description of Rakshasa Street: Wargod (by Beijing Muyuan)

In a world where humans and spirits coexist, there is a place called Zhenhun Street, where powerful forces are constantly gathering. The guardian spirits of the good and evil sides, the soul-sender and the boss behind the scenes all appear on the stage, and a war of the century is about to happen.

Classic characters in history reappeared, and third-party mysterious forces are waiting for you to unlock! With tens of thousands of strategy combinations, every game is the ultimate experience. There are even more surprises. The extraterrestrial plot is igniting. Those characters that make you feel uncomfortable, those moments of tears are here waiting to be unlocked. Complete the designated level challenge and enjoy watching!

Rakshasa Street: Wargod

Dear souls, no need to wait any longer, come to awaken your martial arts body immediately! This street, you have the final say!

National comic classics, perfect reappearance of Zhenhun Street

The grand world view is reproduced, the voice actors of the original class are dubbed, 400 comics are added, 10,000+ points are added, and more comic plots can be unlocked while playing the game. Those endings that once made you difficult, unexpectedly have new interpretations here.

Rakshasa Street: Wargod

Evil spirits breed, and generals of the Three Kingdoms cross the air to help out

Summon historical figures such as the Three Kingdoms as guardian spirits across time and space to fight side by side to suppress the evil spirits, as if being on the real battlefield, witnessing the heroic figures of the Three Kingdoms, feeling the collision of history and modernity, and creating a new life in the legend.

All members return to form fetters and coordinated operations

It perfectly reproduces the inexhaustible bond between the spirit sender and the guardian spirit in the anime. When paired with a military commander, as long as you are familiar with the bond and use it flexibly, you can hit explosive damage and be invincible!

Rakshasa Street: Wargod

Strategy confrontation, it’s up to you to win the match

400+ levels with different brain-burning levels, 32 soul-senders, 43 guardian spirits, and 74 martial arts skill groups with tens of thousands of strategies. The real new gameplay of a thousand players and thousand faces strategy card! Judging the situation and assessing the situation, we can see the tricks, and seek the way to victory.

Variety of genres, small generals play a big role

The custom combination of martial arts + guardian spirit breaks the fixed gameplay routines, and can create tens of thousands of skill genres at will, so that each general has a unique role, and the young general can also become a winning weapon on the battlefield.

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