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Random Brawl

Soft Launch

💡Platform – Android

The description of Random Brawl (by Kahraman Ispartalı)

Let’s play the best new-generation Tower Defense game of 2021! It’s a modernized, action-packed tower defense mobile game with more competition and more fun!

Collect units and heroes & upgrade them! Towers are replaced by wizards, trolls and dragons in Random Brawl. Fight, shoot, jump, and slash our way through all the enemies!

Summon, merge, upgrade units, and cast spells to survive incoming waves of enemies in head-to-head battles where the last player alive wins.

Random Brawl

Massive and spectacular battles against strong monsters and terrifying bosses. Upgrade your units, summon heroes and cast tide-turning spells to defeat your opponents!

Duel players around the world in a head-to-head, competitive, real-time tower defense game where the last player alive wins

Join forces with other players in co-operative mode to defend yourself against increasingly powerful monster hordes

Random Brawl

Create a deck of powerful tower defense units & heroes just like collective card games! It is a real-time PvP defense – what few TD games have!

Time to create your unique strategy to rush royale heroes, clash with enemies and protect your castle!

Random Brawl

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