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Random Dice: GO

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Random Dice: GO (by 111%)

Random Dice: GO is a real-time, auto-battle strategy game where every choice matters.

Claim victory by countering the opponent’s strategy and placing the right Dice in the right place.
Always think strategically about your next move.

There are no weaker or stronger Dice, only Dice with unique skills and traits.
For example, there is the Wind Dice, which can attack faraway targets with small damage, and the Sword Dice, which can attack only nearby targets but with greater damage.

Come up with a unique strategy with the Dice and claim victory!
Don’t miss out on the excitement every moment! With various game modes to play, you won’t have a chance to get bored!

Try out these amazing game modes!
1v1 Battle
The most basic mode.
Select 5 Dice to join the battle.
A winning streak is the only way to climb the Amateur rank ladder and reach the Pro rank.

Random Dice: GO

League Match
Place your Dice wisely to fight in the League Match played by 8 different players.
Infinite number of strategies can be shown in this mode but only one can claim the ultimate victory.
Be the last to stand and claim rewards given according to the final results.

Random Dice: GO

Double GO
In Random Dice: GO friends are especially important. Fight together with your friends and share the joy of winning.
Special rewards can be claimed with the Partner Pass, which can only be obtained by gathering points in the Co-op mode.

Random Dice: GO
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