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Random Upgrade Defense

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💡 Platform – Android

Languages: English

The description of Random Upgrade Defense (by 2DSTUDIO)

Summon heroes with various abilities to stop the oncoming enemies!
Combine randomly summoned heroes to show your own strategic play!

Meet cute and cool heroes!
Summon various random upgrade defense heroes.
Each hero has unique skills, and skills can be strengthened through awakening.
Collect cards and level up! abilities become stronger.

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Connect heroes with the same attributes to increase the power of attributes!
Use various attributes such as electricity, ice, and fire.
The attributes of summoned heroes become stronger as they are connected.
Use the power of attributes strategically according to the characteristics of the monster.

Collect your own battle skins!
Collect various battle skins and use them strategically according to your attributes and heroes.
More powerful attribute powers are waiting for you.

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Protect the castle from slimes of various themes! – Stage mode
Slimes come in droves.
Understand the characteristics of each monster and defeat them strategically!
You can strengthen and synthesize heroes to meet more powerful heroes.
Collect gold coins and hero cards to level up your heroes. The hero’s abilities become stronger.

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1 vs 1 Showdown! – PVP battle mode
At the same time, watch the castle by combining your own deck against the monsters that are flocking to you.
Attack your opponent’s deck, face off, and claim victory.
Win battles to collect trophies and reach the top rankings!

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Participate in the new ranking battle every season!
Bet on trophies and achieve higher rankings through fierce battles!
Don’t miss out on the various rewards that pour out every week.

Available: Google Play – US, KR

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