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The description of Ravenix

Ravenix: The Card Master

Easy Gameplay
In the convenient battle system of Ravenix, the actual battle will be carried out automatically once you have your deck prepared.
However, even with the same exact cards, the outcome of a battle will be completely different depending on the order of the cards you are using.
Ravenix offers simple and easy gameplay, but complex strategies and tactics to implement at the same time.


Superb Character Illustrations
Ravenix has a distinctive character design for each clan.
Be the first to witness the illustrations and collect the characters to your liking.


Avatar Strength and Weakness System
There are 5 clans with a special master called “Avatar” for each clan and each Avatar has advantages and disadvantages against other Avatars.
In fact, you can receive additional buffs if you create a deck with the cards from the same clan.
Proactively use this strength and weakness system to achieve your ultimate victory!


Unique World
Five different clans exist in the world of Ravenix.
‘Wild Union,’ the clan of halfbreeds between men and wildling.
‘Mystera,’ the clan of those who desire black magic and forbidden knowledge.
‘Celestial,’ the clan of pious priests.
‘Dragonian,’ the clan of dragons and descendants of earth and woods.
‘Adamanfire,’ the clan of those who wield flames.

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