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The description of Re: Tree of Savior (by Nexon)

The CBT will be available from 4 June 2021 ~ 17 June 2021 10:59:59 (GMT+8).

Let’s chase the mystery of the disappeared goddess and stop the runaway of the world with your partner “Fellow”!
Reorganize party members and strategies to find breakthroughs in the face of difficulties.
Attributes, training, acquisition of equipment, class changes … With fellows, you will surely be able to overcome difficulties!

For gamers who are tired of the “leave it to the game” style.
Let’s get excited about RPG again!

RPG that feels challenging
・ If you raise the level and increase the attack power, you can do something about it. No matter who does it, the result is not the same.
If you encounter a strong enemy or difficulty, check the attributes, training and equipment with your important partner fellow and get a clue to the strategy!
The fun of capturing obstacles in various ways by each player will make you feel rewarded.

Re: Tree of Savior

Infinitely enjoyable growth cycle
・ You can get rewards by capturing strong enemies. The reward allows the player to become stronger and defeat even stronger enemies.
By defeating strong enemies, the range of training will expand and the degree of freedom in building strength will increase. Please enjoy such an infinitely enjoyable game cycle.

Re: Tree of Savior

Acoustic visuals and world view
・ A unique group of soft and pale art. A story with mystery like a fairy tale or a fairy tale.
An in-game visual that nicely expresses the subtle nuances between the illustration and the 3D model.
The artistic and acoustic expression of this work has the originality that nostalgia and newness coexist.

Re: Tree of Savior

Cooperation elements with other players
It is an online game system, and it is possible to play in cooperation with other players.
In-game co-op with other players, of course
You can also create guilds to communicate and challenge quests for guilds.

Re: Tree of Savior

[Story of this work]
A kingdom in a world.
In this kingdom blessed by the goddess, an incident occurs in which a tree that is said to be a sacred tree goes out of control.
The damage was enormous, and the god tree that ran through the ground had a desperate effect on many cities and many people, including the capital.

Re: Tree of Savior

In addition, many monsters will appear on that day, and the kingdom that should have been protected by the blessing of the goddess and enjoyed peace
Being surrounded by the threat of dense plants and monsters.

In this devastated world, players descend as “revelators” and pursue the mystery of the disappearing goddess.

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Re: Tree of Savior

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