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Real Kart Constructor

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Real Kart Constructor (by Aglobex)

Real Kart Constructor is a Croc Promotion racing kart assembly simulator.
If you are into motorsport and love karting, then this game is for you!
The game is perfect for children even from 4 years old, we specially made a simple game interface to make it as clear as possible to everyone.
Even if you have never collected a real kart, then after our simulator you or your child will have a complete picture of how the kart works!
The 3D model of the kart has the same set of details as the real kart and contains over 700 objects.
Therefore, please note that the simulator may work with freezes on weak or outdated phones.

Real Kart Constructor

In future updates we will add to the assembly:
Brake cylinders
Brake calipers

Real Kart Constructor

It will also be interactive!
You will be able to pedal, turn the steering wheel and spin the wheels.
And even get cards.
Moreover, we will expand the functionality of the map assembly!
You can refill your kart with liquids such as:
Engine oil in gearbox
Brake fluid
Antifreeze in the radiator
Gasoline with oil for 2T

Real Kart Constructor

If you are interested in the simulator, then we will move on to the next stage of the game update: we will give you the opportunity to ride on a real race track on a map that you have created yourself!
We are trying to make the simulator complete!
With each update, the simulator will be as realistic and interesting as possible!
Therefore, we hope for your support in the comments and reviews!
We are always happy to hear your comments and suggestions!
Write to us and we will definitely discuss your ideas with you!
Good luck!

Real Kart Constructor
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