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Red: Pride of Eden (Jp)


The description of Red: Pride of Eden

This is Eden, a continent without “animals”.
Some human girls awaken to strange abilities at certain times. Some gained strength, some woke up magically, some had animal ears and claws … they are collectively called “red.”

Red: Pride of Eden

Once Red established an adventure team called “Pride” and used different abilities to accomplish various quests.
However, the relationship between Red and humans is not good, and humans are afraid of Red’s dissimilar abilities. In order to suppress Red, the pride leader must be “human” …
“Please! Become our leader!”

Red: Pride of Eden

Unique red partner
Create your own pride and start the adventure!
Over 50 chemo girl characters are waiting for you!
Become an intimate relationship and become a trusted “partner”!

Red: Pride of Eden

Let’s adventure with a beautiful girl
Let’s run around the continent of Eden with the Reds!
Let’s adventure together, solve troubles and unravel the secrets of Red and the truth of the continent of Eden!

Luxury production by LIVE2D and animation!
Enjoy super exciting battles, exhilarating combos, and gorgeous performances!
Each red has its own unique skills, weapons, and occupations. You can create your own pride by forming strong pride by taking advantage of each red’s strength, or by forming only red you like!

A lot of interesting contents
There are plenty of elements that you will never get tired of!
Chess, lucky gacha, dungeon … Enjoy a wealth of content!
Compete against other leaders and decide on the best adventure team!

Red: Pride of Eden
Morroc & Bean

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