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Regular Heroes

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The description of Regular Heroes

Choose a leader and your unique style of battle 

Barbarian – buff allies, deal a lot of damage , destroy enemies!
Medic – strengthen the best fighters, heal the wounded , protect the heroes!
Liquidator – poison opponents, apply weakening effects, outsmart everyone

 Gather your collection 
25+ legendary heroes are waiting for you.

Regular Heroes

More than 25 spells to discover 
Heroes have active abilities, use them wisely.
Each hero has 20 levels of upgrades.
Improve their stats, accumulate power and lead your squad to victory

Regular Heroes

 Fight in different PvP modes
Enter the Arena and fight to prove you’re the best
Go through a series of Trials and get a champion reward

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 Use spell cards
You have many unique spell cards in your arsenal to influence the tide of the battle.
Damage, power-ups, shields, healing, and more!

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 Create combinations of heroes and cards
Combine tactics and amaze other players!

Explore the fascinating world of the game.
You will travel across the global map on the airship.
Win PvE battles to get heroes and rare resources

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