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Resistance:Enemy Unknown

Early access – CBT

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Resistance:Enemy Unknown (by Age of Legends)

Idle RPG game integrated with strategy battle & casual mini-game & PVP competition!

Game Story
An unknown virus has invaded the Earth, a brilliant commander was infected in an operation but unexpectedly survived. Then he begins to find the source of the virus and liberating the cities. In the process of searching, it was discovered that all this was the means of alien invasion, and it was also discovered that there were people in the top echelons of the Earth’s guards who were manipulated by aliens. And so, a War to defend the earth begins.

Game features.

Collect and Raise
Free summons every day. Collect and raise them to fight for you!

Resistance:Enemy Unknown

Battle Strategy
Heroes all have their own unique skills, deploy them to the right positions on the battlefield can give you an advantage over your enemies.
Let the battle prove your skill and strategy!

Resistance:Enemy Unknown

Casual Mini Games
All kinds of fun mini games such as “Flip”, “Aim” and “Shoot” awaits your challenge!

Resistance:Enemy Unknown

PvP Battle
PVP battles with generous rewards are fair and open. Compete with players from all over the world with your strongest hero lineup and write your own legend!

Zero Cost Hero Rebirth
Zero cost hero rebirth helps you to fast rebuild your team and adjust your strategy quickly.

Available: Google Play – PH, CA

Resistance:Enemy Unknown
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