Reverse Brave JP


Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of リバースブレイブ JP – (by Frozenphoenix Studio)

Mediocre Hero x Demon Maid Unknown Story

On that day, the brave were defeated by the Demon King. This means that the only power capable of defeating the Demon King has disappeared from the world. Following this, the Demon King’s army declared war on the humans. It is only a matter of time before the human people are occupied by the Demon King one by one, and the world is destroyed by the Demon King. But on the verge of despair, there was little hope – a new hero appeared. In this distant world, the heroes were given a mission to defeat the Demon King and save the world. Heroes have fought the Demon King for generations, even if they risked their lives … This time, new heroes will also travel, meet beautiful girls of different races, create deep bonds and be with them. • Fight the Demon King and bring back hope.

Great View of the World: The Adventure of a Mediocre Hero
Experience the adventures of mediocre heroes and mysterious demon maids in over 900 missions.


“Geki Mo Chibi Chara”
Become a cute chibi character during the battle and experience a strange battle!


“Meet new friends in another world”
Meet girls from over 100 races, become friends and create your own strongest harem!


“Even with simple operations, you can create great collaboration methods.”
Bonds connection! Great and powerful collaborative technique, immersive battle scene, let’s enjoy the battle scene!


“Not just an adventure”
Find your own way to have fun in over 10 gameplay! Send out the strongest forces and get abundant bonuses!

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