RevoLand – NFT/P2E

Official Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of RevoLand (by Chain X Game)

Hundreds of years ago, an asteroid called RevoLand crashed into the Heroic Continent, tearing apart what was once a single continent and turning the land into islands spread across the Sea of Heroes. The largest of these islands, Phuket, is located in the centre of the entire Sea of Heroes, and is home to a bustling animal city, whose inhabitants are all skilled in their craft.

RevoLand - NFT/P2E

Legend has it that the energy shards from the impact of RevoLand are buried deep on one of the islands in the Sea of Heroes, and that if any adventurer can find them, he or she will be rewarded with untold riches and become a truly great hero of the Heroic Continent. To find these precious treasures, the animals set sail on a thrilling treasure hunt.

RevoLand - NFT/P2E

Amongst the many islands are thorny forests and bone-chilling ice fields. Collect sacred fruits, find dragon eggs, guard totems and decipher organs. Each island is full of mysteries and dangers. If you’re not careful, you’ll encounter treasure hunters with the same goal in mind, leading to a thrilling duel.

RevoLand - NFT/P2E

However, wisdom and courage are not enough. RevoLand brings not only wealth and power, but also evil alien creatures, bloodthirsty horrors attracted by the energy shards, which begin an indiscriminate slaughter. Only by constantly savaging their bodies and invigorating their spirits will the animals be able to stand out from the crowd of treasure hunters, to get to RevoLand first, to destroy these bloodthirsty creatures once and for all, and to become the last saviour of the Heroic Continent.

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RevoLand - NFT/P2E

Created by ©PalmassGames

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