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💡Platform – Android

The description of Rich Legend (by Indofun Games)

Rich Legend is a business simulation game with a classic feel. Return to the ancient era and pioneer the trade, starting from a small trader to becoming a respected merchant who owns a business empire. Recruit talent to strengthen commerce, marry the best women, and nurture heirs to the throne to continue the business empire. Be the Greatest Merchant on the Silk Road!

Building a Business Empire
Experience running a business in the ancient era. Various businesses can be run such as bakeries, clinics, restaurants, banks. From an ordinary merchant to a famous merchant on the silk road!

Rich Legend

Hire Top Experts
Traders, warriors, writers, farmers, craftsmen. Experts are ready to strengthen your business to become the most shining business empire.

Rich Legend

Marrying the Most Beautiful Concubine
The most beautiful girls of her era are ready to accompany your adventure. Have a romantic story with them.

Rich Legend

Business Banquet
Host a business banquet and invite other players between servers. Build relationships and become a business master.

Rich Legend

Educate the Heirs
Raise your heir together with the woman you love. Educate them and marry your business relationship. The business empire is also in your hands.

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Rich Legend

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