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Ricochet Squad

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Ricochet Squad (by KEYSTORM HOLDINGS LTD)

Ricochet Squad is a top down 3v3 hero shooter game, where teamwork is as important as precisely shooting your gun.

This tactical multiplayer online spectacle allows you to play as a variety of heroes: each with their own special abilities, tools and weapons. From shooting a simple gun to summoning miniature black holes: these heroes allow you to play different styles. The action happens on destructible and interactive maps that completely change their look as you demolish them. The game is set in the world of the near future, with a rich backstory and an exciting narrative.

Ricochet offers short 3v3 PvP co-op fights of 2–3 minutes. Play with your real friends in a squad or find new friends online worldwide! Experiment with unique interactions between your abilities, the whole arena environment and all the other players. And enjoy the emergent gameplay when countless interactions in combat stack up to produce something never seen before.

Ricochet currently has one battle mode: it’s a co-op mode called Control, where your squad fights for dominance against the enemy team over the central location by staying in the zone no matter what.

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Game Features:

5 Powerful Heroes with rich backstories to use in this co-op shooter:

Ricochet Squad

Leo: jetpack riding rebel with incredible speed and a lot to prove, he soars over the battlefield raining down his own brand of justice. Brawl among enemies, get out of their view and keep shooting!

Twinkle: go into combat with mines, rockets and anything that goes boom! When the stars align this little genius can cook up a whole lot of trouble in her workshop. She’s always ready for action alongside her fellow heroes!

Ricochet Squad

Oni: powerful psychic that can grab and throw giant objects in the arena with the power of her mind, can blink through obstacles and lets her trusty baseball bat do the talking in a brawl. Her strike is deadly, but really hard to master. Even apex predators will struggle during first fights!

Remedy: playmaker medic who uses healing grenades, tactical jump pads and a giant Black Hole to change the flow of the game. At the apex of her power she can both deal and heal damage with her squad like none other in this 3on3 pvp action

Ricochet Squad

Calibri: invisible to the naked eye of the other heroes and deadly sniper with her gun who can create her own high ground in any arena with a controllable portable tornado ultimate to strike down every foe. If you enjoy 1v1 sniper duels, Calibri is for you

Unique base of operations: the Ricochet ship

Join the adventures of the heroes and become one of the legends by embarking on Ricochet, a ship with a fascinating backstory that will become your base of operations. It’s your profile, your treasury, your training grounds and the place where all the cool interactions between the heroes happen in-between battles.

Available: Google Play – PH

Ricochet Squad

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