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Riddle & Find Hidden Object

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The description of Riddle & Find Hidden Object

This is a unique find objects game. In addition to usual scavenger hunts, we have the following playing methods

puzzle and find method

Combine puzzle solving with objects finding, with interesting background stories. Can you crack layers of puzzles and find every objects?

detective and find method

Riddle & Find Hidden Object

Combine detective with objects finding, Incarnation detective investigation crime scene, find evidence, restore the truth of the case!

Differences method

Riddle & Find Hidden Object

Faced with two pictures that look exactly the same, you need a strong memory to find the differences between the pictures.

Just find method

The most classic play, You have a limited amount of time to find items that match the description.The more items you find, the higher the score!

More funny method is in the making, stay tuned!

Riddle & Find Hidden Object

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