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Ride Kamens

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ライドカメンズ (by BANDAI CO.,LTD.)

The estimated release date shown is based on system specifications.
It is actually scheduled for early summer 2024, so please wait for further updates.


The story is set in “Nigoo City,” a city where nature and civilization are in harmony.​
One day, the protagonist learns of the existence of a “Kamen Rider” who has lost his true memories due to the human body modification performed by “Chaosism.”


The main character inherited the role of “agent” who supports Kamen Rider from his late father.​
Together with 16 unique Kamen Riders, all different in age, occupation, and beliefs, they become embroiled in a battle to change their “determined destiny” and restore their memories!​


A completely original story written by Yuya Takahashi, the scriptwriter for “Kamen Rider Geets”!​
The main story is presented in a large volume of 14 chapters, and the entire story is produced with full voice and full motion Live2D with plenty of immersion.​
While playing the game, unlock various stories such as character episodes and card episodes, and learn more about the personalities and relationships of the 16 Kamen Riders.​
(Powered by Live2D)​


“Chao Stone” is a mysterious stone that can draw out the power of Kamen Riders. In order to get this “Chao Stone”, let’s go to the city to “investigate” with Kamen Riders.​
In the survey, by visiting each spot in Hongyan City,​
You can interact with citizens and create “episodes” with Kamen Riders.​
Depending on your actions during the investigation, the strength of the “Chao Stone” you ultimately obtain will change. Repeat the “investigation” and get the “Chao Stone” that matches each Kamen Rider.​


A battle where you can demonstrate the power of “Chao Stones” obtained through research!​
Skills are activated automatically, allowing for simple play without the need for difficult operations.​
Defeat your enemies with special moves that bring out the individuality of each Kamen Rider.​


Let’s interact with Kamen Riders at the “Masked Cafe”, which is open as a hideout for “Agent”.​
By interacting with them and raising their affinity level, you can unlock stories, voices, etc.​

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Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

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