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Rift Tale: Online Battle Arena

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rift Tale: Online Battle Arena (by Ascii Games)

Make precise calculations or follow your gut to get one step ahead in a turn based arena game Rift Tale!

Win battles to unlock new Arenas, Expeditions and characters!

An online game for real strategists.

Each battle contains 3 rounds
Each round – 9 turns.
You have 27 points for every fight, make sure to spend them wisely.

Rift Tale: Online Battle Arena

Every turn you can either gain or lose points.
Perform strong and weak attacks or stay in defense and regenerate to gain more points.

You can see the points of your opponent, but not what move they are going to make.

Rift Tale: Online Battle Arena

You get 60 seconds to choose your actions for every round.
Hit PLAY and watch the battle unfold right before your eyes.
They say some pros end their opponents in only 2 rounds

Rift Tale: Online Battle Arena

Win battles to upgrade and unlock new characters.
Craft magical items to help yourself in the fight.

Dynamic battles will keep you engaged at all times. Be prepared, you never know what they got in store for you next.

Easy to understand controls will let you focus on strategizing your next move. And remember smart and lucky wins the race!

Fight players online, get experienced and become the undefeated Rift Warrior!

Rift Tale: Online Battle Arena
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