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Riichi City

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Riichi City-Japanese Mahjong (by Lancelot Tech Ltd)

The competitive urban-style Japanese mahjong app is now live! Battle alongside the lovely ACG characters in-app and against other Riichi mahjong players to conquer Riichi City!

Free to Play
It’s free to play the basic game modes! Enjoy the real Riichi mahjong games with your friends anywhere, anytime!

Real-Life Design Elements

The real-life design elements in the modern Riichi City, such as mahjong houses, cafés, convenience stores and more, bring the realness of playing live Japanese mahjong games to the app! Experience the fierce competition in the fast-paced Japanese mahjong matches!

Riichi City-Japanese Mahjong

ACG Characters with Unique Playing Styles & Personalities
Meet and bond with the ACG characters in-app, each featuring their own playing styles and personalities, such as aggressive, defensive, reading discards… You name it! Grow with them and take your Japanese mahjong skills to the next level!

Riichi City-Japanese Mahjong

Fully Voiced by Famous Japanese CVs
Several famous and popular Japanese CVs fully voice the ACG characters in Riichi City! Be their captain and compete with others in the mahjong tournaments now!
CVs: Satomi Arai, Yui Ogura, Shūta Morishima, Rena Hasegawa
Enjoy your game with mahjong stars

Riichi City-Japanese Mahjong

Beginner-Friendly Functions
Riichi City has a lot to offer, including tutorials, game log, spectator mode, hints for the winning tiles, tips for drawing and discarding tiles, auto hints, point calculation, and so much more! All of these help beginners ease into the Riichi mahjong fun!

Plenty of Events with Generous Rewards
Stay tuned to the official knockout tournaments, Japanese mahjong matches, limited-time challenges and events featuring tons of prizes in the future!”

Riichi City-Japanese Mahjong

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