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Rise of Defenders – P2E/NFT

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | PC

The description of Rise of Defenders (by Rise of Defenders)

Welcome to the Rise of Defenders! This game is considered as the Play To Earn game where the users can where the player can receive rewards with real-world value.

Rise of Defenders is inspired from the Tower Defense game with RPG elements thrown in. The main mission of the game is to use the heroes they have to defeat the waves of enemies who attack the Castle on a regular basis.
Because of the heroes’ automated fighting tactics, Rise of Defenders is generally accessible to all players, despite being a tactical role-playing game. After completing a few procedures to put together the basic squad, players can join the game and watch their heroes combat and receive prizes.
Following the spirit of the Play to Earn game, attractive schemes allow players to obtain game tokens RDG, RDR, and unique NFTs, as well as fast market liquidity. This GameFi is always available to the ecosystem, allowing players to earn in the long-term with Rise of Defenders.

Rise of Defenders

Rise of Defender Key Features:
More than 100 levels in the campaign mode.
HEROES – Rich heroes system such as: Adrius, Evelyn, Galidus, Florence, … with powerful skills to help you protect the defense, increase the strength of the army and win.
Various types of enemies with unique abilities
2D graphics, smooth image effects.
Automatic game console, easy to win.
Marketplace where the users can trade their NFTs such as the heroes and the equipment.

Rise of Defenders
Rise of Defenders
Rise of Defenders

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Rise of Defenders
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