Rise of Dune

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The description of Rise of Dune (by Fungame Littlespark)

In a future where the solar system’s energy sources have been exhausted, the aborigines, native creatures, human rulers, empires, and bottomless wanderers meet on a planet called dune. In order to survive, players build their own kingdom in this large sand river map and expand the alliance’s territory by cooperating with allies in the camp, and finally occupy the “king city”, which symbolizes the highest honor, to dominate one side.
Build your settlement to form a safe haven and lay the foundation for your empire.
This is a new world. Dangerous, yes, but full of opportunities. Great power awaits those bold enough to master it. But remember to pay attention to your destiny. To be fair, people aren’t as friendly as they used to be…

Social contact
People have power. Make allies and forge strategic partnerships to survive in a water-scarce world. Join forces to crush anyone who tries to take advantage of you.
Sandworms and evil forces are rising rapidly. Do your best to learn about them. Whoever controls the spices controls civilization and national power!

Rise of Dune

Dangerous terrain and evil forces compress the living space, you must open up and expand your territory. Unearth high-level resource spices, they will become resource chips for Kingdom Wars!

Rise of Dune

Create a survival manual
This is Humanity 2.0. Rewrite the rules about how you want the dunes to rise. Take over completely and rule the kingdom with unheard of power and resource control.

Rise of Dune

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Rise of Dune

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