Rise of Mafia :Boss Returns

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Rise of Mafia :Boss Returns (by iFUN.COM)

Due to the murder of the last godfather, you received a call from the family, as the only person qualified to preside over the overall situation, you have to go back to find out the truth about the murder of the last boss. In the game you can recruit many brothers to help you regain the territory and grow your alliance. From now on you are the master of the city, you can sit in a group of beautiful women, to protect the beloved; lead the brothers to develop constantly, and compete for the supremacy of the group; from ordinary people into billionaire rich and handsome, to become the world’s strongest boss!

Game features.

Character development, gorgeous transformation
Transformed from an ordinary little brother to a big good looking rich guy. Become the Voksne Mennesker of thousands of girls. Be a gangster boss, leading numerous followers to complete Long-term cause.

Rise of Mafia :Boss Returns

Plot Throughout, Different Fate
Follow your heart to choose different options, experience a different gangster life, every decision is crucial!

Encounter beauty, girl in your arms
Here you can encounter beautiful girls, spend time with your beloved one, and relax both body and mind!

Rise of Mafia :Boss Returns

Infinite zoom, overview of the whole situation
Infinite zoom operation, you can observe the world in two fingers, explore the map, take you to experience the feeling of devising strategies within a command tent!

Diversified gameplay, not only city building
In addition to the plot, levels setting is added as well. Complete level tasks while upgrading city buildings, get rid of the boring city building and gathering!

Rise of Mafia :Boss Returns

Players from all countries, compete for world domination
Get together with world players, you can be enemies or allies, a different social experience!

Season competition, King Duel
Lead brothers to fight. Compete for hegemony in cross-server PVP battle. Who is the strongest boss in the kingdom of gangster?

Rise of Mafia :Boss Returns
Rise of Mafia :Boss Returns

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